How to Avoid Top 10 Blogging Mistakes and Win the Heart of People & Google?

Leading digital marketing companies in Mumbai now are able to avoid these 10 blogging mistakes. How about you? Just imagine a scenario where you are working really hard for the project since long and you don’t get reimbursed for that. Frustating right?

Here’s comes the list of 10 that you should start considering from day 1:

Common Blogging mistake 1 – Overnight Success

Building up a successful blog takes time, efforts and complete dedication giving up on your blog will lead you to miss many valuable opportunities and also lead generation of new customers. Spend some time for preparing appropriate steps for blogging, read and outline eBook to tweak your blog, fix all the mistakes and improve your blog’s performance.

Common blogging mistake 2 – Test all your Blog Elements

Using same blog design for months and months, same design for call to action and the same formula for the title of blog post all the under the assumption that this is the perfect way to complete the things, but before testing any of these things how do you know for sure? To fix this easily test anything or everything on your blog, just be sure you are testing one variable at one time and make sure your all tests produce statistically significant result before you implement all the changes that you have done in your blog.

Common blogging mistake 3 – Avoiding Blog Analytics

You’re blogging away for continuously but haven’t stopped to analyze the success of your blog or all the think about your efforts are paying off or not. Pay regular attention on analytics so you’re aware about how your blog is performing according to your goals.

Common blogging mistake 4 – Lacking behind to promote on Social Media

You have launched a business blog and posting your articles on regular basis yet you are not taking advantage of the power of Social Media to promote your blog and articles to increase your readers’ strength. Spend some time to reach in Social Media and promoting your blog and existing content.

Common Blogging mistake 5 – Ignoring Optimization for Lead Generation

There are only few or limited actions on your blogs which is limiting its potential to convert visitors into leads for your business. Make it a habit to ensure that every post has a CTA which helps you to convert your visitors into clients.

Common Blogging Mistake 6 – Neglecting the usage of Social Networks

We bloggers avoid getting merge with social networking sites which is again very dreadful and results into less interaction and also creating a low profile on the google and other search engines. If you haven’t got into the Social media then there is great opportunity for a blogger to get it.

Common Blogging Mistake 7 – Not Knowing about your Blog

If you are not aware of your blog then your blogger won’t ever trust you. So you need to know about the Content what you are writing about and what you are about to post. Give out valuable information to your audiences.

Common Blogging mistake 8: – Avoiding Page Speed

If you have no idea about what is Page Speed then start learning about all the details. And if your site takes more than 3 seconds then you need to fix this problem. To solve this reduce size of your image files before you upload it.

Common Blogging mistake 19: – Common Posting

Where you are posting about how you met the love of your life which is something very personnel and would not help your readers. Instead of posting about your personnel stuffs try to post articles which are relevant to your readers. 

Common Blogging Mistake 20 – Not Editing

Sometimes the content on the blog has many errors or mistakes that cannot make the reader read the content properly as there are many grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and so on. So to avoid such mistake check it twice or thrice and then edit it if there are any issues and only then post it.